The ebakus blockchain uses Delegated Proof of Stake as its consensus algorithm (DPOS). In DPOS anyone can propose to become part of the infrastructure and produce blocks to receive mining rewards, by running a full node and becoming a witness. Being a witness makes you an embassador of the ebakus ecosystem, besides being a pillar of the network by providing infrastructure you take on the responsibilitty to help it grow.

In ebakus, EBK token holders can cast 1 vote for every EBK they hold, to up to 20 witnesses at a time. Witnesses campaign for votes from the EBK token holders and when they manage to gather enough votes to enter the top 20 most voted, they elevate to block producer status. As block producers they are actively part of the consensus by producing blocks and earning mining rewards for every block they produce.

The 21st block producer

Until witnesses gather enough votes to become block producers they can still earn rewards if they maintain a position within the top 100 witnesses through the 21st block producer. The 21st block producer is selected randomly with every cycle from the top 21st-100th witnesses. This design motivates witnesses up to top 100th to keep their infrastructure running and be available to take over as back up BPs.

Where to start

Become an ebakus evangelist

As we mentinoned above being a block producer also means that you are a pillar of the ebakus community, as it helps you get voted higher. You can start your journey to becoming a block producer today by becoming an active member of the ebakus community. Participate in the ebakus social channels, create dApps or organize ebakus meet ups localy and when you are ready start running a full node and become a witness.

The technical part

For the technical side of things, you can follow our guides of running a witness and hardening the security of your server. Ideally block producers should at least follow our proposed specification as you can find it here.

Last update: 3 months ago