Migrating your ERC-20 EBK tokens to native EBK for the mainnet

ebakus is launching on Jan 2020

After January 1 2020, the erc-20 EBK token will freeze and the transition to mainnet will begin. The ebakus mainnet is designed to be backwards compatible with ethereum and thus maintains the address format of ethereum. When we launch the mainnet we will make sure that every address that holds frozen ERC-20 EBK tokens will get an equal balance of native EBK token. This means that the transition from the ERC-20 EBK to the native EBK to be a passive event without any further action required by the ERC-20 EBK token owners.

All ERC-20 EBK token owners will have to do, in order to access their Native EBK tokens will be to import the private key that is being used in the ERC-20 wallet that stores the frozen ERC-20 EBK tokens into an ebakus wallet connected to the ebakus mainnet.

More information about the mainnet ebakus wallet and status updates about the transition to mainnet will be released through our channels as we proceed.


Ideally create a new ERC-20 wallet just for your ERC-20 EBK tokens and use that Public/Private key pair to transition to the ebakus mainnet.


Beware of scams, make sure you use an ebakus mainnet wallet that is opensource and vetted by the community.

Last update: 2 months ago